Masér Tomáš Kubiena z Praha 6

My name is Tomáš Kubiena and I am a qualified massage therapist with more than ten years of professional experience practising in Prague 6.

Back pain? Stress? Tiredness? Joint pain? Muscle stiffness? Or simply a bad mood?! A massage can help with all of these.

Get in touch with me, Tomas Kubiena. I’m a qualified and experienced massage therapist based in Prague 6

Tension, stress, bad mood, stiff muscles, back pain and joint pain – these reflect the hectic times we live in. Many of us have forgotten how to relax and rest. Sometimes you need to stop for a moment, to relax both physically and mentally. You deserve, indeed you need, an hour of calm from time to time, to gather your thoughts, to relax completely. With recharged batteries, you’ll be ready to re-enter the fray.

I can help you to put aside your physical stress and to regain a sense of calm and composure. I am a qualified massage therapist with more than ten years of professional experience. I’m based in a studio in Prague 6 but can travel to appointments anywhere in the city. I practice classical regeneration massage, but also Thai Oil massage, Hawaiian massage, manual lymphatic drainage for cellulite reduction, and other massage techniques.

Even if you don’t have some specific aches and pains, a relaxing massage will do you good. Simply lie back and enjoy a hot lava stone massage, or a detoxifying honey massage to rid your body of toxins and bring relaxation to your mind.

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