From classical to exotic. Are you troubled by pain or do you just feel like pampering yourself and relaxing with a soothing massage? Contact me, and together we will choose the most suitable massage therapy tailored to your needs.

Swedish Sports and Regenerating Massage

A favourite, and a proven classic. If you’re suffering from back pain or muscular stiffness, Swedish massage will help you to feel refreshed. It quickly eliminates tiredness and muscle pain, contributes to better muscular regeneration, prevents contraction of the muscles and increases their elasticity. Pressure creates heat and encourages blood flow to the muscles, rapidly resulting in physical and mental relaxation.


Cupping is an ancient massage technique involving the placing of glass or plastic cups directly on acupuncture points. It serves mainly to provide quick pain relief (above all for back pain) in places where muscle spasms occur. Air suction creates a vacuum in the cup, and increases blood flow to the skin. Unwanted toxins are drawn from the body during the process. Cupping is always preceded by massage.

Breuss Massage

This is a very gentle back massage, with strongly relaxing effects, which regenerates the intervertebral disks and eliminates physical and psychological obstructions. It has a calming effect and results in the release of muscle spasms, creates space between the vertebrae, and the disks can regenerate. Following the massage, I lay tissue paper on the spine, and gradual placing of the arm results in magnetization and warming of the spine. St. John’s wort oil penetrates deeper into the spine, and impurities collect on the wrong side of the paper by the process of osmosis.

Detoxifying Honey Massage

Detoxification is performed on the back with the help of bees’ honey with no chemical additives. With the aid of so-called pumping motion and honey, toxins (poisons), which build up deep in the body tissues around the spine, and which cause weakening of the organism resulting in various illnesses, are eliminated from the organism. Honey draws out the toxins, its consistency during the process changes, and it is necessary to apply it repeatedly according to your state at given moments. It is good to undergo a honey detoxification twice a year.

Bamboo Massage

During this special massage, focussed on lymphatic drainage, I massage the body and face with bamboo sticks of a variety of sizes and with organic bamboo oil, which has nourishing and regenerating properties and lends elasticity to the skin. This highly effective massage, above all, helps men and women who suffer from cellulite or swelling.

Anti Stress Massage

Anti stress massage, as its name suggests, releases stress which has built up mainly in the region of the trapezius and shoulders. I therefore massage principally the head, neck, shoulders, chest and face. This type of massage helps if you suffer from migraines or pain in the cervical spine. It tones the muscles in the face, thus helping to reduce wrinkles. I use the highest quality massage and essential oils, which revive the skin and involve aromatherapy. Anti stress massage works extremely well in combination with back or foot massage, for example in a 1 hour therapy session, or alone in a 30 or 45 minute session.

Reflective Massage and Thai Foot Massage

This therapy is ideal for tired lower limbs after a long day’s endurance, and it results in the elimination of heaviness and tiredness in the leg. It is especially appreciated by those who have to stand on their feet or walk a lot at work. I administer the massages with the help of the application of pressure on acupressure points on the surface and instep of the sole of the foot. Each of the body’s organs has its corresponding region on the sole of the foot. It is possible to stimulate it through reflective massage. I combine this therapy with massage of the calf muscles and lengthening and relaxing of individual toes.

Thai Oil Massage

This is a soothing, relaxing massage, whose aim is to eliminate obstructions to energy flow in the body, and release joints, muscles and tendons. According to the principle of so-called energy lines in the body (or meridians), I massage the body slowly and with prolonged strokes in combination with stretches and pressure on reflective points. The whole body including the head and face are massaged with application of high quality natural oils.

Hot Lava Stone Massage

Special techniques combined with hot stones and aromatherapy have an extremely therapeutic and relaxing effect. I place the lava stones on the body, where they release important energy centres and send energy further into the body. Hot lava stone massage stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, deeply relaxes and harmonizes, heats the whole body and aids detoxification of the organism.

Hawaiian Massage

The bases of this therapy are in the use of special Hawaiian techniques, which have highly therapeutic and relaxing effects. I use flowing, gentle and deep techniques here, which are administered not only using fingers and palms but also forearms and elbows. I massage using virgin coconut oil, to which I add ethereal oils for deeper relaxation.From classical to exotic. Are you troubled by pain or do you just feel like pampering yourself and relaxing with a soothing massage? Contact me, and together we will choose the most suitable massage therapy tailored to your needs.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a physiotherapeutic method in which I paste elastic, cotton tapes with special, natural paste, to the damaged area – usually joints, ligaments or tendons. Thanks to the manipulation and fixing of the skin in the right position, improved flow of blood and lymphatic fluid results, and thus injuries heal more quickly. The tapes don’t prevent you moving, and you can wear them for up to five days. Besides using them as treatment, you can use them as a preventative measure while practising sports, against overuse of joints and tendons.

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